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Happy JUNE!

It already smells like summer(:

sorry i stopped doing the countdown…

I got so busy with school and it’s almost finals

and by the time i’m actually going to have enough time to do this its going to be summer.

but if you were wondering, there are only 18 days until summer!

this will continue to be a summer blog though, and i promise I’ll post more once i have time.

thanks for following(:

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Anonymous asked:
Where'd you go!? I miss the countdown!

I’m so sorry! i’ve been really busy lately, and i tried giving up tumblr for lent… it didn’t really work out lol. but i’m getting back on track i promise(:

trywalkingbarefoot asked:
I just found this, and it looks like your blog may be new.... and I just wanted to say this is a great idea and I have a very strong feeling that your blog is going to be very popular very quickly <3

thank you so much! i’ve been a little bit behind with the pictures lately but i’m trying… lol